A bit about the Literacy ‘Bridge’ concept

It was important to us to develop a concept for our business that communicated to whānau who we are and how we got here. The bridge made sense to us and felt right.


Bridges require the specific technical content knowledge of experts in order to function in the exact way that they need, and in an enduring manner. At ‘The Literacy Bridge’ we are the experts who take the scientific research to our practice in order to provide your child with the explicit teaching needed to become confident literacy learners.

A Pathway

A bridge provides access that allows users to cross an obstacle. At ‘The Literacy Bridge’ we use our multisensory structured literacy approach to guide a learner’s path to make the crossing from speech to print. As with bridges that are designed to provide safe crossing, here at ‘The Literacy Bridge’ we work in a way that fosters emotional well-being and confidence. As educators we are supportive, knowledgeable and adaptable. We get to know your child and adapt our structured programme to work at the pace that meets your child’s needs and cognitive load to make sure that they experience success and build confidence while learning.

Both Unique and Universal

Several engineering principles need to be applied to all bridges, however, the nature of the structure varies with aspects such as shape, materials, distance spanned and terrain, changing according to the need and location of the bridge. At ‘The Literacy Bridge’ we will apply the science and approach that underpins all structured literacy while meeting your child’s individual needs.

A bridge needs careful design to ensure that it is strong and stable enough to be crossed. Our approach is based on science and follows an intentionally designed scope and sequence that is underpinned by robust research. As with a bridge that requires many parts to work together harmoniously for the whole structure to work, our approach has key principles that are applied to secure successful outcomes for all learners.