We are educators with over 30 years combined experience, who have both previously used the traditional ‘Whole Language’ approach in our teaching. In recent years, as our own neuro-diverse children began navigating the challenges of learning to read and write using the ‘Whole Language’ approach, we looked for answers about how best to support them. Our search led us to the ‘Science of Reading’ and Structured Literacy.


At ‘The Literacy Bridge’ we are experienced structured literacy educators who have used this approach in our own classrooms and we have also been trained by the Institute of Multisensory Structured Language Education. This course is based on peer-reviewed research in the fields of language, literacy, linguistics and cognitive sciences. The approach is grounded in the principles of Structured Literacy with a Multisensory component to help learners make links between the language they see (visual), hear (auditory) and feel (kinesthetic) in order to further support their learning in reading and writing.


We use multisensory techniques in a flexible way to complement what we do and to support your child in being able to meaningfully take speech to print, while still following a specific scope and sequence, and teach using an explicit, systematic and cumulative method.


As educators, we know first hand how challenging a classroom can be for our learners who struggle with literacy. Our tutoring lessons are designed to support the emotional well-being of your child, ensuring that they experience the success they deserve, gain the reading and writing skills they need and also the confidence to enjoy learning across ALL areas of the curriculum.